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Centre of Ancient Greek Sports

Centre of Ancient Greek Sports is founded to educate European Youth on the practices and philosophy of Athletics in Ancient Greece.  

We intend to cultivate to our athletes the respect for pluralism in sport, cultural diversity and peaceful social coexistence.

Our philosophy is based on the principles of peace, fair play and fair contest with the view to promote Integrity of sport and in particular, good governance.

One of our values is fighting doping and thus, creating a peaceful society with less violence and competition as well as all kinds of intolerance and discrimination.

  • The Centre of Ancient Greek Sports lays the framework for t  tradition.
  • The Centre of Ancient Greek Sports lays the framework for the dissemination of the Ancient Greek values to European  Youth educational programmes.
  • The proposed experiential archaeology / sports / educational  programme  is unique and inspires the group living teamwork and achievement of common goals  in a natural environment.
  • The experiential tours at the Ancient Stadia where the Games were held,  makes the  Ancient Greek Sports  Centre a pioneering initiative, which combines, through its location and experience, the ancient and modern spiritual youth sports  tradition.


The Ancienet Greek Games:

The Games in the Greek Antiquity were an integral part of sporting, social and cultural way οf life of Ancient Greeks for more than 12 centuries.

  • Olympic Games in Olympia
  • Pythian Games in Delphi
  • Isthmian Games in the Isthmus of Corinth
  • Nemean Games in Nemea


The Ancient Greek Disciplines:

  • The pentathlon: The discus throw, The long jump, The javelin throw, Running, Wrestling
  • Boxing
  • Pankration
  • Chariot Racing
  • Equestrian Events


Ancient Greek Disciplines in Today’s world

Ancient Greek Disciplines are still a part of contemporary athletic life.

Youth’s inclination to these disciplines strengthens our vision and empowers our mission.


The Schedule:

Centre of Ancient Greek Sports sets up a 9-day schedule full of Ancient Greek games, educational trainings, experiential activities and adventures!

More than 9 experiential activities, and 8 educational lectures will definitely transmit the Ancient Greek spirit to the participants!

The program is inspired from Ancient Greek Athletes nutrition, athletes recovery, preparation camps and unique ceremonies!


Our Valuable Partners:

CAGS would like to share the Ancient Greek Values and cooperate with valuable partners such as:

International Youth & Sport related Educational and Travel Organizations with the following characteristics:

Flexibility to travel to Greece

Special interest to the Greek history and culture and especially Ancient Greek Games and Sports and the values they represent

Potentiality to establish and maintain a long term relationship focused on the project’s principles based on mutual benefits .