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Our Philosophy

SPORTCAMP's Youth Sports Training Center MISSION

is to offer quality and personalized services
to athletes from all over the world,
by a capable and dedicated team,
in an all-inclusive venue of modern facilities,
in a destination of natural and cultural wealth,
actively contributing to the sustainable development of the local community.


Our philosophy is summarized as a holistic approach to bring together people of all sports, of all athletic levels, amateurs to professionals, and of all nationalities, in a sports complex that offers premium services and high-end infrastructure with a personalized service that respects and accepts individualism, encourages talent expression, skills development and self-fulfillment through sports in an interactive, experiential and friendly environment.

Our center is the sum of our visitors experiences encompassing all their philosophies and values into a unified operational body. We encourage education gained through the conduct of sports and leisure activities, as we contemplate that it boasts a key role in our self-fulfillment process, whether sports are conducted on a professional or amateur level. As a truly international enterprise that hosts literally thousands of athletes on an annual basis, we are working across national boundaries to improve relationships between people of all nationalities, thus considering our operation a multicultural blend that showcases the advantages of globalized society in a small but representative sample. Acceptance to each and every cultural trait no matter how diversified may it be, as long as it demonstrates mutual respect, constitutes an integral part of our philosophy.

Our efforts towards transforming SPORTCAMP into a business with a global perspective have flourished over the past 40 years of our operation, resulting to the creation of a vast clientelle from more than 100 countries from all over the world and a high percentage of retention that surpasses 40% on an annual basis. Moreover, apart from the statistics, our globalized approach is a part of our daily operation and overall way of thinking.