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Netball Tours

SPORTCAMP is the only sport training center in Greece with netball facilities and equipment!

Netball is a tailor-made sport for women which involves running, jumping, throwing and catching. In addition, it provokes the excitement and the ability to act promptly in order to succeed!
It is noted that netball can be conducted in four European countries besides UK!

Greece constitutes one of these four countries and SPORTCAMP is the SOLE sport center which is equipped for Netball! Its infrastructure draws in netball teams from all over the world!       

Furthermore a netball tour in Greece guarantees the delight of the Mediterranean climate and the enjoyment of a picturesque scenery! In SPORTCAMP you will have the privilege to combine business with pleasure! Specifically SPORTCAMP offers a range of activities for junior netball tours such as visiting Acropolis of Athens or swimming the Canal of Isthmus, or getting some friendly competition and practicing water sports in the 4km coastline of Loutraki bay.  

 Hence, SPORTCAMP is an ideal netball place as it is the only sport training center in Greece with facilities and equipment suitable for the sport. To be more accurate there is one fully equipped Indoor Hall of 900sqm and wooden surface and a second one for training with netball rings and special marking. To state the obvious many netball teams have chosen SPORTCAMP for their Netball Tour or Camp!


More Info: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zHl-In4C0lI


Recommended Itinerary


Day 1


Flight to Athens and arrival at the International airport of Athens

Afternoon: Transfer to SPORTCAMP

Evening: Swimming before evening mea

Day 2

Morning: Visit Heraion Lake and try water sports

Afternoon: Fixture 1 at SPORTCAMP

Evening: Dinner at SPORTCAMP and relax by the pool cafe

Day 3

Morning: Self-led training session on the courts

Afternoon: Swimming at SPORTCAMP pool

Evening: Enjoy your meal and have a nice time at sports hall

Day 4

Morning: Visit Loutraki city

Afternoon: Fixture 2 at SPORTCAMP

Evening: Farewell night dinner celebrations

Day 5

Morning: Day trip to Athens

Afternoon: Airport transfer

Evening: Departure from Athens  



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