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Corporate Responsibility

Social responsibility is an integral part of our corporate philosophy.

SPORTCAMP is a green and socially responsible center. 

340 days of Solar Energy
An important part of our corporate CSR strategy revolves around the production of solar energy. The extensive sunlight period combined with the available space on the rooftops of our facilities and our powerful desire to follow the path of renewable energy consumption, led us to invest on the creation of an innovative photovoltaic park that begun operating on June 2011 at our premises. The park dynamic production power is of 100 KW and produces a total of    per year, from which only a 30% is consumed by SPORTCAMP. 

Turning Trash Into Treasure
Apart from solar energy, SPORTCAMP facilities management is thoroughly implementing a large scale recycling program with the aim to help reducing waste from consumables, electric devices, plastic bottles, batteries, soap bars and other materials. Our team is very dedicated on the purpose and our guests are always happy to enroll in our recycling efforts.