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Junior & Cadet Mediterranean Championship 2020

The purpose of the Junior & Cadet Championship 2020 is to promote Sport FUTURE in all its forms by inspiring the young athletes of the Mediterranean countries with the ideals and values ​​of traditional Olympism and the Olympic Games.
Through the Championship, athletes from different countries meet and create bonds of friendship, solidarity and cooperation.
Through this vision, sports events are organized in the form of practical training that bring together the Federations of the Mediterranean such as the upcoming championship in Greece.

The goals of the Mediterranean Championship are:
- to increase the popularity of Wresrtling in all its styles in the Mediterranean through an integrated sports system, as part of the usual practice of similar forms in other sports,
- to bring young athletes from the Mediterranean countries into a friendly atmosphere by fostering stronger ties of friendship and solidarity, despite differences in culture, religion and languages.
- to allow the organization to organize training courses 


When? 03-05 April 2020

Where? Loutraki, Greece

Age Categories: Junior & Cadet boys and girls

Competition Categories: WW / Women Free Style - GR / Greco-Roman - FS Men Free Style


Cost of Participation (and what it includes): Residence Tax 60,00 € / day and 30.00 € type / athlete

Award: Memorabilia of Participation and Diploma for all participants


Organizer: World Wrestling Federation

Partner: Hellenic Wrestling Federation

Supported by: Municipality of Loutraki

Implementation: SPORT Travel