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SPORTCAMP organizes intensive training Camps for 8-12 year old boys and girls
who wish to unravel the secrets of basketball by top coaches!

The JUNIOR BASKETBALL SUMMER CAMP is a seven-day intensive training program, with the focus on the training development of the individual characteristics of each player.
Youth basketball players will have the opportunity to develop their skills working with the leading Basketball Youth Training Staff in Greece under the supervision of an American experienced coach.
The program itself aims at personalized training exercises and internal 5on5 & 3on3 tournaments. Furthermore, it includes athletic Yoga and a muscle-strengthening and fitness program with contemporary training systems that meet both the psychocological and physical needs of young basketball players.

Our mission is to provide young athletes with a unique sport experience that will enhance their love for basketball and motivate them to integrate the sport into their lives, while at the same time we aim to bring new talents by acclaimed coaches.
​The program takes place in an excellent educational environment including recreational games and a variety of moderate intensity basketball drills.


Dates:           01-07/07/2021

Venue:          SPORTCAMP


Achilles Demenagas, Camp Technical Director. Since 2007, he has been implementing a program that improves the technique of the athlete and follows him all year round with the aim to maximize his performance. He is a graduate of the Athens Technical University and holds a master's degree in "Maximizing Performance" from the Democritus University of Thrace. He is a member of SEPK with first class diploma.
Spyros Mylonas, Camp Head Coach. He is a holder of a basketball coaching degree and a member of the SEPK. Coach of development programs for professionals and athletes of developmental ages.
Head Coach Personal Training programs at Athens Sports Hall and Basketball Camps Operator Coach.
George Lithopoulos, Camp Strength & Conditioning Coach. He is a graduate of TEFAA with a basketball specialty. As a specialized basketball trainer she has won the Turkish Championship and 4th place in the Euroleague with the FENERBAHCE women's team in 2011, the Romanian cup with the CSM Targoviste women's team in 2012 and the Romanian cup with the ENERGI ROVIN men's team.

 American NBA Team Coach (TBC)


Cost:  270€

• Accomodations 6 nights (7 days) 
• Full board (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
• Participation in training
• Other sports and leisure activities
• Participation diploma and evaluation sheet
• Basketball kit (jersey, shorts)
• 24-hour medical coverage / first aid


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