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Outdoor Fields & Courts


Our high standard facilities include:

  • Football 5x5, 7x7, 8x8 and 11x11 players’ fields with brand new Prestige XM6 60-13 artificial turf FieldTurf® by Tarkett Sports
  • 3 Outdoor basketball courts
  • 6 Outdoor CEV approved Βeach Volleyball courts
  • 3 tennis courts (Quick surface)
  • 1 Natural grass field


One F-11 soccer field, 11X11 players dimensions: 96x54m  with brand new artificial turf model Prestige XM6 60-13, FieldTurf® by Tarkett Sports.

The F-11 soccer field can be divided into: 

  • (3)  F-5, 5X5 players' fields (dimensions: 20x40m)
  • (1) F7, 7X7 players’ fields (dimensions: 57 Χ37) and one (1) F9, 9X9 players’ fields (dimensions: 70Χ50m)

One F-7 soccer field, 7X7 players (dimensions: 55x35m) with brand new artificial turf model Prestige XM6 60-13, FieldTurf® by Tarkett Sports.

The F-7 soccer field can be divided into: 

  • (3)  F-5, 5X5 players' fields (dimensions: 20x40m)

 One F-6 Natural grass field

The integrated Prestige XM6 60-13 turf constitutes both F-11 and F-7 fields suitable for high-end, demanding soccer matches and leading soccer/rugby training.  Furthermore, the Prestige XM6 60-13 artificial turf is very similar to natural grass, minimizing sport injuries while showcasing high endurance in all weather conditions. The turf's fibre is a thick yarn Polyethylene with less cuts made to the fibre in the manufacturing process so that it can withstand very heavy usage and still deliver the performance you expect from a FieldTurf.

The Prestige XM6 60-13 FieldTurf® is FIFA approved and it holds all proper certifications:

  • FIFA 1 star & FIFA 2 star approved
  • ISO Certified ISO 1773 ISO 2549 ISO 8543
  • FIFA tested successfully in all required applications



  • “CHRISTOS THODIS” Loutraki Municipal Stadium (soccer field with grass carpet and 6 lanes track of soft surface, with the needed equipment for all jumping, throwing and track events).
  • Kiato Municipal Stadium (soccer fields with grass carpet)
  • Velo and Poulitsas Municipal Stadiums  (soccer fields with grass carpet)
  • Isthmos Municipal Stadium (soccer field with synthetic turf)


 FIELD 11Χ11





SPORTCAMP is the only sports training center in Greece with six certified beach volleyball courts. Inside its premises, it constitutes the ultimate mix for beach volley camps and events. 

  • 6 Certified Beach Volleyball courts,  the sand from which they are made of, was used in the Olympic Games of 2004


  • SPORTCAMP has exclusive partnership with Peace & Friendship Stadium, in which, Attica Beach Volley Club, two fields of Beach volley - one with white sand of Olympic standards and one with air conditioning (heating) - are 8m x 16m are hosted, located on the back of the surrounding area.  Players may visit Greece, a 365-day destination, in order to conduct their training sessions despite of the weather as SPORTCAMP provides an indoor beach volley court.
  • SPORTCAMP cooperates with Papagou IBEACH Courts. In the premises of Papagou you will find 4 sand fields, with special properties that are beneficial inwinter   as they don’t freeze and dry quickly) and  in summer as they don’t burn. Teams are able to train in 4 fields at the same time, and tournaments can also be held between your team and local teams.
  • Enso Beach Volley Club develops both Beach Volley and all types of training on the sand, under the guidance of Efi Sfyri a two time Olympian and European Champion and her staff. The sessions of the teams mainly analyze basic and advanced techniques, Beach Volley Tactics, Regulations, Methodology