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Loutraki Global Volleyball Cup

The annual meeting of the world's top volleyball veterans!

Loutraki Global Volleyball Cup is an event operated by SPORTCAMP Group on annual basis. Every summer, top veteran volleyball players from all over the world form their official National Master's Volleyball Teams and participate in this vibrant cup. Most of the participating volleyball players have long standing careers in National and Team levels as they have been members of their National teams and prominent volleyball clubs in European and World level. Many of the players have previously been teammates or competitors and they have forged strong friendships over time.

The Loutraki Global Volleyball Cup of 2017 featured a total of 13 countries that send their National Men's Volleyball Masters' Teams in 2 Age Categories, 45+ and 60+. -

Brazil, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Greece, U.S.A., Israel, Italy, Norway, Poland, Romania, Russia, Sweden.

SPORTCAMP Group is the organizer and operator, presenting every year an impeccable event that combines strong sports competition with summer touring in Greece. All the technical details of the event are managed by SPORTCAMP Youth Sports Training Center while SPORT TRAVEL handles the travel packages of the participants, resulting in a complete, all-inclusive experience for teammates, coaches and escorts.

Loutraki Global Volleyball Cup

Loutraki Global Volleyball Cup

Loutraki Global Volleyball Cup Photo Selection


Loutraki Global Volleyball Cup