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On Sunday, 03/12, the TNBA Greece Team presented the TNBA USA TRIP 2018 in an exclusive meeting hosted in one of the press halls of the OAKA complex center. TNBA Greece Program Director, coach Vaggelis Ziagkos along with the TNBA Greece Teams Head Coach, coach Giorgos Pantelakis. presented in 35 families all the details, the program and the terms and conditions that apply to the TNBA USA TRIP 2018, the 6th consecutive trip in the country of the NBA and the biggest basketball athletes of the world. After 5 successful trips to Cleveland, Ohio, the 2018 trip will travel to the East Coast with New York being the new destination. The training program will be implemented from the  NBA's Brooklyn Nets team. The elite team that will travel to USA will participate in the Youth Elite Training Camp organized by the Brooklyn Nets, a basketball training camp of the highest standards where participants will learn basketball fundamentals, teamwork, sportsmanship, and personal development rooted in the concepts of Brooklyn Nets basketball. Teams will maintain a structured and safe player-to-coach ratio to ensure maximum instruction and include special appearances by Nets players. The Barclay's Center, a magnificent sports multi complex arena located in Brooklyn area will host many of the scheduled events during the trip and the Greek delegation will be accommodated in a nearby location. As coach Vaggelis Ziagkos pointed out during his speech, the destination change from Cleveland to New York is a fresh start for this annual trip in a popular destination that combines elite level basketball training from an NBA team with a unique travelling experience. Last but not least, the total duration of the trip will be shorter as the transition to and back from New York with direct flights minimizes transfer times and influences the total cost of the trip, thus making it affordable for the average Greek family.

The full schedule and details of the TNBA USA TRIP 2018 will be announced shortly in our website.

More info: tnba@sportcamp.gr