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Panhellenic JUDO Championship

A fascinating Championship is coming to Sportcamp!

From January 21 to 22 2023, the Greek Judo Federation organizes the Panhellenic Judo Championship of Teenagers, which will be held at Sportcamp facilities and will supported by the famous athletic center.

Talented young male & female athletes will compete to achieve not only a medal, but also a great experience of a big championship.  

The age categories are:

Teenagers born 2006, 2007 and 2008  Male & Female born 2006-2007-2008
Male  : -50κ. -55κ. 60κ.- 66κ.-73κ.-81κ.-90κ.+90κ.
Female :-40κ. -44κ. 48κ. -52κ.- 57κ.-63κ.-70κ.+70κ. 

Mixed group : - • Female Teenagers -48k,  -63k, +63k • Male Teenagers -60k, -81k, +81k.

Each team consists if 4 athletes, while the maximum number of athletes is 12 (2 per weight category)

The event will take place in the indoor facilities of Sportcamp,Loutraki, especially set for the discipline and providing all nesseccary structure and support from its high experienced staff.

Addittionally, it provides athletes' accommodation in its fully equiped dorms and their healthy meals at its certified restaurant.

The program of the games starts on Friday 20/1 with the weighting. On Saturday 21/1 the individual games will start at 10:00, while on Sunday 22/1 the group games will start at the same time.

We welcome the young Judokas and their coaches, wishing them good luck in the achievement of their personal targets, while following the "courteous road" that Judo represents!