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Program Highlights

Pankration was a discipline introduced in the 648 bC Greek Olympic Games. The athletes used boxing and wrestling, as well as kicks, holds, joint-locks and chokes on the ground, technics with close similarities to modern mixed martial arts. The term comes from the Greek Παγκράτιον [Paŋkrátion]- meaning “All the power”: a combination of the words “πᾶν (pan) –all” and “κράτος (kratos)-strength, might, power”. In Greek mythology, it is said that Hercules and Theseus invented Pankration, by using wrestling and boxing in their combats. The heroes have defeated the Lion of Nemea and the Minotaur of the Labyrinth accordingly, with Pankration techniques. At the Camp, the participants will become familiar to Pankration discipline by experienced and professional athletes and coaches, approved by the Hellenic Federation of Pankration. A demonstration will initially take place and then the participants will engage with the athletes, separate into pairs and try out certain techniques.


An interactive training program emphasizing on the Olympic Ideals, Olympic Truce, Peace and Respect of Diversity. Specialized educators and trainers of the International Olympic Truce Center will introduce these values, primarily with theoretical lessons, where the participants get familiar with the terms, their meaning and importance. Interactive workshops, games, social interaction and teamwork, will help the participants incorporate these values, embrace the Olympic spirit and implement it in their everyday lives.


An once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet Olympic Champions and medalists from major sport disciplines and get inspired by them as role models! The Champions will first introduce themselves and discuss meaningful aspects of their lives. In a relevant seminar, they will speak about their experiences, show videos of their achievements and hold an open discussion with the participants. Apart from engaging with ex-Olympic medalists in their daily routines, the participants will practice the Champions’ corresponding sport disciplines on the field, with their help and guidance. Four Olympic medalists and one Paralympic medalist will take part, while the sports disciplines range from handball and basketball, to archery and soccer.


A fun-filled and educational day, where the participants will experience a full simulation of the ancient Olympic Games and take part in all the stages, including competing in various sports, ceremonies and symbolisms. In the begging, a seminar of the Ancient Greek Olympic Games and their history will be conducted, by a specialized athlete/coach, thus making an introduction to the most famous Games of all times. 

The participants will then simulate the Games: conduct the opening ceremony, dress in special clothes, play musical instruments of that time and follow all the symbolisms and ceremonial process. Then the participants will compete in ancient Greek Olympic Sports, some of which exist nowadays: pentathlon, javelin, sphere, long jump and running. The participants will take up various roles as judges, field and award ceremony officials, spectators and athletes, dressed in the corresponding garments of the time. Finally, the athletes will be awarded with the traditional olive clove, in an award ceremony conducted according to the tradition and protocol of the ancient Olympic Games.


Fun and entertainment are the secret ingredients of the Camp! Every afternoon, the swimming pool of the premises awaits the participants to enjoy swimming and diving and get refreshed in an easygoing atmosphere!
In the evening, each day ends with a joyful and relaxed program that includes dancing, karaoke, team building games and quizzes, open-air cinema, as well as free time to get acquainted with each other, socialize, bond and make new friends from all over the world! 

An excursion to a famous and beautiful local beach will be a fun surprise that combines the sea, the sun and the epitome of Greek summer feeling: the life on the beach!