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18th European WUSHU Championship & 6th European KUNG FU Championship

18th European WUSHU Championship & 6th European KUNG FU Championship

Τhe 18th European WUSHU Championship & 6th European KUNG FU Championship , were held in the city of Loutraki and organized by the Hellenic WuShu Kung Fu Federation, with the co-operation of SPORTCAMP center.

From  November 10th to 16th 2022, more than 600 αθλητές from all over Europe, took part in the spectacular championships.

Fine technics, superior acrobatics, traditional rituals and costumes, where some of the highlights of the event.

The athletes aged between 10 to 60 and the games where broadcasted through live streaming, all over Europe.

For the first time, Para-WuShu athletes took part as well, proving that people with disabilities can participate with sucess and encorporate the athletic spirit.

The participating countries, in alphabetical order, were: Ajerbaijan, Germany, Georgia, Switzerland, Greece, Spain, Israel, Italy, Latvia, Lithouania, Great Britain, Norway, Netherlands, Hungary, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Sweden and Czech Republic.

On 11/11/2022, the opening ceremony was held in the ''G. Galanopoulos'' indoors hall of Loutraki

The event was supported by the Municipality of Loutraki-Perachora-Agioi Theodoroi and was held under the auspices of the European Wu Shu Kung Fu Federation and the General Secretatiat of Sports- Ministry of Culture & Sports.

SPORTCAMP was in charge of the implementation, while many athletes & coaches enjoyed their accommodation in its beautiful environment.

We wish the athletes all the best and hope to see them again in another major event!