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7th European Pangration Athlima Championship

7th European Pangration Athlima Championship

December was energetic and interesting, while young people enjoyed playing sports and claiming trophies!

Sportcamp Youth Sports Training Center, always stands for the greek civilization's elevation and the greek ancient games revival and supports great sports' events.

The 7th European Pangration Athlima Championship which was held in Athens from December 10th to 12th 2021, was organised by the Greek Pangration Athlima Federation and supported by Sportcamp center.

The categories of the games where:

Teenage Boys- Teenage Girls age 15-17, Young men- Young Women age 18-20, Men- Women age 21 and above.

Analytically the games where:

«AGON IMIEPAFIS» (over 15 years old), «AGON PANGRATIOU» (over 15 years old), «KATO PANGRATION» (over 15 years old), «PALAISMATA» (over 18 years old), «POLYDAMAS» (over 18 years old), «PLERIS AGON» (over 18 years old).

The games where held in the Gymnasium of Agia Varvara in Attica area, while Greece won a Gold medal, since the young athlete Dimitra-Maria Felouki gain the 1st place in her category!