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Hidvovre Svommeklub's unique stay at Sportcamp!

Hidvovre Svommeklub's unique stay at Sportcamp!

A warm welcome for a unique Danish swimming team!

Highly satisfied and absolutely gratified was the Denmark swimming team, which was hosted at SPORTCAMP in order to train & practice swimming!

Denmark swimmers were very pleased with the training facility “Loutraki Municipal Swimming Center”, as it has one heated pool of Olympic dimensions, 50 x 21 x 2m &
one heated pool, 25 x 21 x 2m, both with 8 anti-wave lanes!
Hence, they had a blast exercising under the greek sun and the best weather conditions!

Their accommodation in our state-of-the-art facilities as well as the sports hall in our premises was really, a deal breaker for their training!
Apparently and as the Denmarks described, their healthy nutrition, including all the above, ended up in a unique and unforgettable training sports adventure!
The real success was that they had the opportunity to practice in Greece, a country that is among the safest destinations in Europe & implements all the health protocols!