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Hillsdale Academy Tour

Hillsdale Academy Tour

Directly from Hillsdale, Michigan to Greece!

The enthusiastic group from the United States, arrived in our country and explored its natural beauties, plentyful archaeological sites, great hospitality and full guidance, provided by the experienced staff of Sportcamp Group!

The young visitors stayed in Thessaloniki, Nafplio and Athens.

During their trip from 27/3 until 6/4, they visited:

The White Tower of Thessaloniki and the statue of Alexander the Great

The Arcaelogical museum of Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki's Rotonta

The archaeological site of Filippes' in Kavala

The "Varlaam" monastery in Meteora

The museum of the Royal graves in Vergina


Isthmus Bridge- Corinth Canal

The arhaeological sites of Mykinae, Ancient Corinth, Delhpi, the Athens' Acropolis with its Ancient Agora and the homonymn museum.

In the end, the group enjoyed a boat trip to Poros and Hydra islands.

It was a pleasure meeting them and we hope to welcome them again in the future!