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Imagine Peace Juniors Camp-Press Conference

Imagine Peace Juniors Camp-Press Conference


Athens, 22/3/2023

ΙΟΑ: Educational Program of Olympic Values ​​and Sports in Ancient Olympia

An innovative experiential and educational program for children aged 10 to 16 will take place from July 23 to 29 2023,  at the International Olympic Academy facilities in Ancient Olympia. This is the "Imagine Peace Juniors Camp" program, organized by the International Olympic Truce Center in collaboration with Sportcamp.

Through the "Imagine Peace Juniors Camp" children from all over the world will be introduced to the Olympic Values ​​but also to sports that were held in the Olympic Games of antiquity. Olympians, Paralympians and champions will be next to this effort in order to pass on their experience to the new generation.

"This is an innovative event that is supported by key pillars of sports. Excellent sports executives lead us in a very special program. The presence of top athletes is also very important because the children will have a living example talking to them about sports and what they have achieved through it," said Deputy Minister of Sports Lefteris Avgenakis, who praised the work of Sportcamp.

The facilities of the International Olympic Academy will open their "gates" in order to welcome the participants. The events will take place in a protected environment in the heart of nature. "Imagine Peace Juniors Camp" offers the unique opportunity for children and teenagers to experience and understand the meaning of Olympism through sports and the education of Olympic Values. The mission of the ΙΟΑ, as the only center of Olympic Education worldwide, is to convey these values ​​to the youth of all societies always in conjunction with the facts of the modern era and to transform children into future ambassadors for the promotion and protection of the Olympic Ideal, mainly through this educational process for Olympism to become a way of life in societies.

"The educational program "Imagine Peace Juniors Camp", in the space that connects the ancient Greek principles with the modern Olympic Movement, contributes in a substantial way to the mission and vision of the IOA by inspiring young children with the different values ​​of Olympism and giving them the resources for a better world. It offers the opportunity to practice ancient Olympic sports, to learn about the principles of Olympism and the concept of truce through lectures and workshops, to visit historical sites and participate in interactive games and activities," said, among other things, the president of the International Olympic Academy, mr. Isidoros Kouvelos.

"Imagine Peace Juniors Camp" is a privileged seven-day program designed for children and teenagers from all over the world.

"We hope that this effort will be established and institutionalized. It is very important for young children to have living role models and to be in contact with these role models. We have the opportunity in this camp to have the presence of Olympians and Paralympians, who share with the participants not only their knowledge about their sports but also their experiences about sports. “Bringing children into contact with ancient Greek sports that have a course of centuries that teach them to respect their opponent is decisive for me, and we also try with our Olympians to promote sports that are not so popular with young people”, emphasized the Director of the International Olympic Truce Center, dr. Konstantinos Filis.

During the seven days, the participants, through sports, will have the opportunity to strengthen their self-confidence, get to know the concepts of equality, respect for diversity, peaceful coexistence, fair play and tolerance, to practice ancient Greek sports, such as the pancratium, and have fun.

"This is a life experience for the children as first of all they will get to know the Olympic Academy and its facilities and they will get a certification that they have participated in this program which will be an additional resource for their lives. The second has to do with the training program, the Olympic Ideals, the Olympic Truce and respect for diversity and, of course, the acquaintance they will have made with the champions", said the president and CEO of Sportcamp Group, mr. Spyros Karavoulis.

The participants will be "guided" to the sports and will be introduced to the Olympic ideals by sportsmen and women who have glorified the Greek colors. "When I started my sports career I did not imagine that one day I will be talking about this wonderful camp that will be held in Ancient Olympia. From the day I finished the championship I wanted to pass on my knowledge to the children. This was my dream and this is what I am doing and I am proud of everything that is done through the International Truce Center. This program has value and the value is our children", said Olympian Dimitris Kaffatos and Paralympian Theodoros Alexas, who added: "It is an honor for me to put a stone in the Olympic Values. Sports and education are the fuel that keeps the Olympic Flame alive."

In the context of the presentation of the program, honorary plaques where given to: mr. Lefteris Avgenakis (Deputy Minister of Culture and Sports), mr. Isidoros Kouvelos (President of IOA), dr. Konstantinos Filis (Director of the International Olympic Truce Center), mr. Charilaos Chondronasios (wrestling coach), mr. George Georgiopoulos (Mayor of Ancient Olympia), mr. Nektarios Farmakis (Regional Governor of Western Greece), mr. Patroklos Georgiadis (General Secretary of Migration Policy) and the champions mr. Dimitris Kaffatos, mrs. Fotini Vavatsis, mr. Lefteris Kakiousis, mrs. Agi Kasoumi and mr.Theodoros Alexas. The ceremony attended the first vice-president of the Hellenic Olympic Committee mr.Stelios Angeloudis, the General Secretary mr.Manolis Kolimbadis, the presidents of the Special Olympics mr.Dionysios Kodellas and of the Hellenic Equestrian Federation mr.Kostas Karakasilis, representatives of federations and Olympians.

"Imagine Peace Juniors Camp" has been placed under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture & Sports, the Ministry of Immigration & Asylum, the International Olympic Academy, the Region of Western Greece, the Municipality of Ancient Olympia and the Association of Greek Olympians.


Photographs of the event are available here