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MUAYTHAI VS 2022 Championship

MUAYTHAI VS 2022 Championship

The VS Muaythai Championship 2022, is coming to Sportcamp on January 15th & 16th  2022!

The Panhellenic Muaythai Association, has chosen Sportcamp Athletic Center's specialized facilities , to host this year's VS Championship (Single games).

The competition includes:

α)VS Games Α'class, with results (ages 10-40 )

β) VS Games B'class, with results (ages 10-40 )

γ) Experience Games- NOVICE,  without results (ages 5-40)

δ) Khan grades Seminar (for coaches)

The games will be held according the IFMA(International Federation of Muaythai Associations) rules

For more information and registrations, please click HERE (greek version only)