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Panhellenic Weightlifting Championship Women, Men & Youth

Panhellenic Weightlifting Championship Women, Men & Youth

Another great sports event is taking place at SPORTCAMP!

It is an honor for us to maintain the long-term relationship of trust and reciprocal recognition with the Hellenic Weightlifting Federation. We have hosted at our facilities many great Olympic Medalists and renowned athletes for athletic preparation, training and participation in competitions.

Panhellenic Weightlifting Championship

Men - Women / Young Men - Young Women 2021

Date of Organization:
26-28 November 2021


SPORTCAMP, Athletic Training Center - Loutraki



Hellenic Weightlifting Federation (E.O.A.B.)

The event concern the following categories:

MEN - YOUNG MEN: -55k.- 61k.-67k.-73k. -81k, -89k. -96k. -102k. -109k. + 109k.

WOMEN - YOUNG WOMEN: -45k. -49k.- 55k.-59k.-64k.-71k. , -76κ. -81k. -87Κ. + 87k