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SPORTCAMP at Ovidio Running in Constanta

SPORTCAMP at Ovidio Running in Constanta

SPORTCAMP once again followed in the footsteps of the Latin poet Ovidius!

Representatives of SPORTCAMP, along with other partners, attended the impressive city of Constanta in Romania to observe the running events and cultural festivities of the Ovidio Running program.

The program is part of the European project Score and takes place in various cities, including Constanta, Sulmona, and Loutraki Corinthia. An event dedicated to the Latin poet "Publio Ovidio Nasone" includes a 9.9 km race, a 3.5 km walk, and a mini race for children aged 6-16. In addition to the routes, a series of cultural activities are also carried out.

On April 20, the first official running races of the program took place on the stunning beach of Mamaia in Constanta. Races and performances impressed all attendees. Young and old athletes participated in a joyful atmosphere, becoming part of this great celebration that not only promotes sports and culture but also fosters bonds of friendship among participating countries.

On the same day, an evening theatrical performance was held at the university facilities, presenting scenes from the poet's life.

We are particularly pleased to actively participate in this program and look forward to the upcoming events, starting with Italy and then in November in Loutraki.