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Veteran World Championship 2023- Closing Press Release

Veteran World Championship 2023- Closing Press Release

The two great World wrestling events in Loutraki were completed with great success.

Once again, SPORTCAMP has undertaken the implementation of a major event and continues its long-standing cooperation with the Hellenic Wrestling Federation with great success.

Greece hosted the UWW Veteran World Championships 2023 (GR/FS), as well as the Veteran Grappling & U15 World Championships 2023 (GP/GP Gi)!

The Grappling Veteran & U15 World Championships 2023 (GP/GP Gi) was held from October 14 to 16 at the G. Galanopoulos Indoor Gym, where 200 athletes from 19 countries competed.

The Veteran World Championships 2023 (GR/FS) took off with an impressive opening ceremony.

From October 17 to 23, 2023, 800 Greco-Roman and freestyle wrestling veterans from 32 countries competed and shared experiences and memories in the arena.

With 5 gold, 2 silver and 2 bronze medals, the World Wrestling Championship was completed for Greece.

Freestyle Wrestling

In category A, Greece took third place with 43 points among 23 countries.

  • Giannis Papadopoulos gold medal at 130 kg
  • Ilias Boukis 5th at 100 kg
  • Efthimis Tserepas 9th at 70 kg
  • Savvas Karipidis 9th at 88 kg

In category B, Greece took 14th place with 11 points among 23 countries.

  • Spyros Koursaris 9th at 130 kg
  • Amir Allah Golipour 10th at 78 kg.

In category C, the Greek team collected 48 points and tied with Turkey in 4th place among 25 countries.

  • Emzarios Bendinidis gold medal at 88 kg
  • Christos Tortopidis 7th at 88 kg
  • Pavlos Koronidis 15th at 88 kg
  • Andreas Kliousis bronze medal at 78 kg
  • Avraam Papadopoulos 7th at 130 kg.
  • Apostolos Stamos 10th at 130 kg.

In category E, Greece with 10 points took 15th place among 25 countries, with Dimitris Athanasiadis taking 5th place at 88 kg.

Greco-Roman wrestling

In category A, Greece took 5th place with 44 points among 21 countries.

  • Spyros Kountouratzis gold medal at 100 kg
  • Ilias Boukis 5th at 100 kg
  • Dimitris Behlioulis 6th at 62 kg
  • Konstantinos Pagonis 7th at 130 kg
  • Heraklis Siamidis 10th at 88 kg

In category B, the Greek team took 22nd place among 26 countries.

  • Efthymis Papageorgiou 10th at 78 kg
  • Nikos Spyridakis 11th at 88 kg
  • Giannis Spyridakis 12th at 88 kg
  • Vassilis Kaloumenos 18th

In category C, Greece shared the 6th place among 24 countries with Georgia and Sweden, having collected 25 points.

  • Emzarios Bendinidis gold medal at 88 kg
  • Vassilis Batalas silver medal
  • Christos Tortopidis bronze medal
  • Panagiotis Papageorgiou 8th
  • Nikos Christopoulos 9th

In category D, the Greek team with 25 points was in 10th place among 27 countries.

  • Vassilis Boukis gold medal at 70 kg
  • Dimitris Kefalidis 15th

Finally, in category E, Greece got 20 points and 10th place together with Norway among 20 countries. The points came with the silver medal of Yiannis Athanasiadis at 78 kg.

Organizers were the World and Hellenic Wrestling Federation and the implementing agency was the sports center SPORTCAMP. . The event was held under the auspices of the municipality of Loutraki-Perachora-Agioi Theodoroi and the Region of Peloponnese. The sponsor of the event was Aegean airlines

We wish every success to the athletes in fulfilling their goals and we hope to always host big events in our country!