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COSMOGYM Summer 4all 2022

Cosmogym Summer 4 all is a unique event of kinetic – artistic expression presented by teams of all ages and social backgrounds, who are active in the specific disciplines.

This year, Cosmogym Summer 4 all will take place in Loutraki city's beach park, under the auspices of the Municipality of Loutraki & Loutraki Tourist Organization.  

The event will be realized by GITANI Athletic-Cultural Association and SPORTCAMP.

It is a non-competitive event, which emphasizes in the participation and love for sports, active living and artistic expression.

It's fundamental rule is that "all participants are winners" including athletes, college and school students, members of athletic and dance clubs from all over Greece and abroad.

Rythmic & Instrumental gymnastics, Acrobatics, Aerobics and Trampoline, meet Contemporary, Classic, Jazz, Folklore, Street and Hip-hop dance.

Performances, workshops, fun activities, parties, excursions and an enjoyable multi-cultural gathering are the elements of this lovable event!

The event will take place from July 2nd to 8th, 2022 and the venue will host 400 participants daily, from all over Greece and abroad.

For more info please contact info@cosmogym.gr or call +30 6972277366.